Personal Chef / Event Chef Services Norwalk, Ohio

Wedding | Event | Party

We specialize in providing high-quality, elegant dining experiences for our guests in their own homes. We cater to a broad range of occasions, from weddings to anniversaries, and we cover every level of elegance. As we work out of our client’s homes, we have kitchens all over Ohio. It’s truly a privilege to work in so many people’s homes, it gives a sense of their personality and their expectations of us.

Here, at Modern Elegance, we pride ourselves in our never-ending desire to go above and beyond for our clients. We do this by taking the stress of cooking out of your parties or simply by creating a very romantic meal for you and your significant other to relax and enjoy. Whether it is helping you plan your dinner party, executing a personalized 3-course menu, or prepping your meals for the week, we are there every step of the way to make it as Simple and Elegant as possible.