About Modern Elegance Culinary Experience

Personal Chef in Cleveland, Ohio

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Chef Michael Castro

Michael Castro is a young Chef who doesn't just love cooking; he truly loves making others happy. Michael's desire to pursue cooking started back when his Uncle, also a Chef, passed away in early 2013 battling leukemia. His Uncle was work driven and an amazing Chef. From that point on, Michael decided to pursue his culinary career. He began working with his next inspiration, his cousin Oscar. Together they worked in multiple restaurants always trying to outdo each other with new dishes and flavors. Unfortunately, in early 2019, Oscar was killed in a car accident and Michael was devistated. Now, ever more focused on continuing his family's passion, Michael has created Modern Elegance to truly captivate the same love and beauty his family has for food.

Modern Elegance

Modern Elegance, established in 2019, is the new culinary experience you've been waiting for. Built on the idea of showcasing the finest ingredients and providing the exceptional guest service. We pride ourselves in doing what it takes to make your event, dinner, or meal more than just that; we make it a One-of-a-Kind Personal Experience. Currently serving the Cleveland, Ohio area as well as surrounding areas.